Rob McElhenney Of ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Approves Of Joel Embiid’s Fighting Style

Not every television show based in a location does that place justice, but It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is very good at paying homage to the city in its title. Over the years the show has chronicled Philly sports fandom and endeared itself to those living both inside and outside of the show’s beloved Philadelphia.

Rob McElhenney, who co-created the show and plays Mac, has had a unique relationship with a variety of Philly sports, especially Chase Utley and the Phillies. But baseball is over now, and right now Philly is all about the Sixers. Which is why it’s not a surprise that McElhenney had to chime in about Joel Embiid’s fight with Karl-Anthony Towns, which stirred up the early-season NBA world on Wednesday.

Both players exchanged punches and, later, barbs on Twitter and Instagram. And they each received matching two-game suspensions on Thursday. But the lasting image from that scrap will likely be Embiid’s thumb in Towns’ eye, which Sixers fans really seemed to enjoy. Including McElhenney, who tweeted about the picture and approved of Embiid’s Philly fighting style.

The tweet included screengrabs of Mac from an episode where he advises similar eye-poking, which means he absolutely was in favor of Embiid throwing down. And it certainly did get the job done, at least until Ben Simmons entered the fray to keep the peace and used his arms to deliver calm to the fight. McElhenney probably wouldn’t approve of Simmons playing peacemaker as much as he did Embiid going for it, but not everyone on the team can be a Mac.