Robin Lopez Had A Meltdown After Getting Called For A Pair Of Technical Fouls And Ejected

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An early February game between the Chicago Bulls and Sacramento Kings was never likely to draw much attention, especially given the way the two teams have played for most of this season. However, Bulls big man Robin Lopez provided some fireworks in the second quarter due to a tantrum he threw on the court.

With 4:21 remaining in the first half and Chicago leading (yes, leading) by a 16-point margin, Lopez flew off the handle. He was seemingly going out of his way to earn a technical foul call from the officials and, once the veteran big man landed one, things escalated with haste.

Lopez’s over-the-top reaction apparently did not end on the floor, either, as he was observed by media members in taking his frustrations out on an unsuspecting chair.

This is the kind of situation in which details could leak out after the game, especially once Lopez is able to calm down and speak to the media. Still, it isn’t a normal occurrence to see an established, veteran player lose his mind to this degree and that is doubly true of a largely meaningless midseason contest.

Robin Lopez has had better nights on an NBA floor and this particular reaction will be memorable, even for all the wrong reasons.