Robin Lopez Was At New York Comic Con And Cosplayed As Doc Brown From ‘Back To The Future’

Lovable weirdo Robin Lopez is gearing up for his first season in a New York Knicks uniform, and he’s clearly already enjoying the benefits of living in the metropolis. He attended New York Comic Con, and as one does, he cosplayed as a character from some area of geek culture.

With Lopez’s hair, Doc Brown from Back to the Future is a slam-dunk choice, if you will. It makes one wonder if he had all those clothes lying around already. And look, he found a Jennifer Parker! The man on the far left is comic artist Todd Nauck, who’s apparently Lopez’s favorite.

Lopez should count his lucky stars that he’s not as famous with the Comic Con set as Mark Ruffalo or Jared Leto, so he could walk among the throngs without much annoyance. Although if he really wanted to capitalize on his hair, he should have gone as Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. It’s been said before, but it really would have been perfect. He wouldn’t even have had to change shirts.

That being said, I’m surprised we didn’t hear about Lopez being dragged out of Comic Con by security. You mean to tell me that the foremost mascot-puncher in the NBA didn’t go into an uncontrollable blood rage with all those costumed characters about? Please.