Robinson III, LaVine, Wiggins Engage In Epic Twitter Dunk-Off At Photo Shoot

Perhaps it’s time to add Glenn Robinson III to the list of rookies we need to see in February’s Dunk Contest at All-Star weekend. In New York City for a rookie photo shoot, Robinson challenged Minnesota Timberwolves teammate Zach LaVine via Twitter to beat his impressive 360 windmill. After LaVine bested that with an effortless between-the-legs slam, the UCLA product called-out number one pick Andrew Wiggins. These guys can really, really fly.

Robinson’s initial tweet to LaVine:


LaVine’s response and challenge to Wiggins:


Followed by Wiggins’ ensuing – and we think winning – dunk:


The scariest part? If the Cleveland Cavaliers do as expected and trade Wiggins to Minnesota for Kevin Love, these three players will be teammates next season. Oh, to be a fly on the wall for the ‘Wolves practices.

(H/T Bleacher Report)

Who won the dunk-off?

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