The Rockets Are Reportedly Upset The NBA Didn’t Punish Blake Griffin Or Austin Rivers

01.18.18 1 year ago

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The NBA handed down punishments on Wednesday for the bizarre incident involving members of the Rockets storming the Clippers’ locker room via a back hallway in an effort to confront Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers.

In the league’s investigation into the matter, in which they interviewed 20 witnesses, they found that Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green were the ones aggressively entering the locker room and looking to escalate the situation, while Chris Paul and James Harden were serving as peacemakers. Because of that, Ariza and Green were each handed two-game suspensions by the league, and everyone else walked away from the very strange story without any punishment.

While that would seem to make sense, the Rockets aren’t pleased. That’s not because they don’t think Ariza and Green should’ve been punished, but there are many in the Rockets organization that are reportedly “disappointed” the league did nothing to punish Griffin and/or Rivers for their role in antagonizing Ariza on the court.

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