Rockets GM Daryl Morey Finally Believes His Team Is ‘Good Enough To Win It’

Continuity is an underrated asset in the NBA. It breeds chemistry and familiarity – a point guard grows to know exactly how high his big man wants the entry pass, and that big man knows, in turn, the exact moment to whip it to the cutting wing. The more time teammates spend together, the more they learn one another’s quirks and intricacies.

Talent is, of course, very important, but continuity is what allows that talent to come together as a true team. For years, the Houston Rockets didn’t have much continuity, a consequence of Daryl Morey’s asset-collection strategy. The Rockets were a team of ever-changing parts, and it wasn’t until they acquired James Harden and Dwight Howard that they started developing in a linear, uninterrupted manner. And now, finally, it appears as if Morey and the Rockets are satisfied with their current squad, to the point where we probably won’t see many moves from them this season, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle.

“You go back a year and look at Golden State,” Morey said. “They pretty much brought their same group back, plus a point guard, Shaun Livingston. They weren’t the favorites of a lot of people. They came together quickly. They had a great season. A lot of their improvement was just in everyone being together for another year.

“This is the first time I feel like, without any changes, we’re good enough to win it,” he said.

Ty Lawson was the Rockets’ biggest acquisition this summer. Aside from him, though, the Rockets are really just bringing the band back together for another go. Patrick Beverley and Howard will be back at full strength, Harden will have a summer of rest under his belt, and the remaining role players are already comfortable with their responsibilities.

For once, the Rockets don’t have to worry about moving parts or waiting for new players to learn their system. They can just get right back to business, picking up where they left off, hopeful to achieve more.

(Via Houston Chronicle)