The Rockets Are Reportedly Trading Trevor Ariza And The 16th Pick To Detroit

After a fairly quiet morning, business around the NBA picked up in the evening as the NBA Draft approached, as the active trade period across the league continued.

It started with the Thunder acquiring yet another first round pick, along with Al Horford and the 34th overall pick in tonight’s draft, in a deal that sent Danny Green to Philadelphia. Then, the Houston Rockets worked out a deal with the Detroit Pistons to send Trevor Ariza — who was traded back to Houston on Monday in the Robert Covington deal — along with the 16th overall pick (also brought in from Portland) for a future first, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The pick being sent back to Houston is, per James Edwards III, strongly protected and would not convey if it’s in the top 16 anytime soon.

On top of that, the Rockets will purchase a 2021 second round for $4.6 million — effectively operating as some cash considerations for Detroit to ease the burden of taking on Ariza’s salary, which is not fully guaranteed.

In all, this seems like a good deal for the Pistons, who acquire another draft pick for this year that will be better than what they’d send back in the future, while also getting some money to take the sting out of the Ariza acquisition — they have ample cap space to absorb him, anyways. For the Rockets, as Woj mentioned, this allows them to use their full mid-level exception as they try to figure out what they will look like next season.