Rookies get buckets in Vegas, and Charlie Villanueva hits us up

07.12.09 9 years ago 44 Comments

Even more than in last week’s Orlando summer league, we’re seeing a trend develop in Vegas: The star rookies aren’t just getting the green light to fire away, they’re having the entire offense run through them. Guys like Tyreke Evans, Stephen Curry and DeMar DeRozan are getting 20-plus shots a day, and consider these are shorter games where almost everyone else on the court is trying to earn an NBA job … In yesterday’s big head-to-head matchup, Steph and Tyreke were like Allen Iverson and Steve Francis circa 2001: Curry put up 29 points (8-22 FG, 10-11 FT) and six boards, while Evans had 25 points (8-19 FG, 7-12 FT), 10 boards and five assists. Golden State won the game because they also had Anthony Randolph, who put up 24 points, 11 boards and five blocks. No surprise that Curry will pull from anywhere at any time, but he surprisingly doesn’t look small out there … But the overall star of the day was Rodrique Beaubois. The Mavs rookie guard dropped 34 points (12-21 FG, 7-12 3PA) and eight dimes on the Rockets, jumping Jrue Holiday and pulling into a tie with Steph Curry as the best rookie who looks like he’s 14 years old. Chase Budinger scored 25 for Houston, and Joey Dorsey continued his bid to get Yao‘s minutes, posting 13 points and 15 boards … DeRozan had 20 points (9-20 FG) against Detroit, while Austin Daye and DaJuan Summers scored 19 apiece. Remember Deron Washington, the dunk machine from Virginia Tech whose junk Greg Paulus can still taste whenever he burps? Deron had a solid 13 points and six boards for the Pistons, but his 4-for-12 showing at the free throw line overshadowed it. Apparently Ben Wallace‘s ghost still lives in Detroit … In the bizarro version of the supposed-to-be NBA Finals rematch, the Lakers knocked off the Cavs behind Adam Morrison‘s 22 points. Here’s a full-circle story for you: Maureece Rice, the ex-George Washington PG who is the all-time leading high school scorer in Philly history (beating out Wilt Chamberlain) is on the Cavs summer squad. Why does that mean anything? Back in ’02, in one of LeBron‘s first high school games that got national attention, Rice dropped him with a crossover that is still talked about today. LBJ’s team went on to smash Rice’s team … On the free agent front, Jarrett Jack signed a four-year, $20 million offer sheet from the Raptors. The Pacers can afford to match it, and Jack is their best point guard (if not the most talented), but the beef with T.J. Ford that boiled over late last season could be a reason Indiana lets him go. They do have Travis Diener and rookie A.J. Price for point guard depth, but they’re a better team with Jack on the floor …

Instead of just trying to sign Andre Miller, it’s been reported the Knicks may work a sign-and-trade with the Sixers where they get ‘Dre and Philly gets Chris Duhon. Forget the basketball part; if Duhon leaves New York, that kills our chances of successfully pitching his reality show (“What Would You Du For Love?”) to the VH1s, BETs and MTV2s of the world. The concept: 15 eager NYC groupies vye for the attention of the Knicks point guard, a relative newcomer to the city whose party game is no joke. It’s like Ray J‘s show, only the star isn’t 5-foot-4. Think it won’t work? Keyshawn Johnson has an interior decorating show on the air right now, and Hank Baskett has a show about boobs. (Wait, “Kendra” isn’t a show about boobs? Maybe we should start watching it with the sound on) … The Lakers’ assistant GM told the Orange County Register that the team is close to re-signing Lamar Odom for “a little north of $8 million” per year. Odom was said to be looking for $10M-plus, but not many teams are left that can give him that … Did you know Slamball is airing on Cartoon Network this season? One of our guys ran across a game yesterday, where John Starks was coaching and Tom Tolbert was on commentary … The other day we told you the bait-and-switch Chris Bosh pulled on fans while trying to win a Tweet-swinging contest with Charlie Villaneuva. Read about it HERE. Well, yesterday one of the comments we got on that post was from none other than Charlie V himself. (The e-mail address in the admin matched up.) Here’s what Charlie had to say: “This is Charlie V. — yes, the real Villanueva. Can’t you guys see Chris Bosh is using you with misleading lies, just to be able to get you to follow him. Unlike CB4, I for a change will be honest with you. I will give you the inside access you don’t get on ESPN. Following me is not just a day in the park, it’s pure entertainment. But better yet, if I reach 50,000 followers first, Chris Bosh has to do the Shane Marcado dance. If you don’t know what that is… check out my YouTube clib on my page:
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thank you and god bless, peace.
PS. And yes, the real Charlie is a monthly subscriber to Dime Magazine. I remember my rookie year we did a fashion feature at the Sean John store in NYC. Say hello to Pat for me guys. L8r.”
… We’re out like Tolbert …

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