These Impressions Of NBA Stars By Rookies Are Hilarious And Almost Offensive

Move over, Brandon Armstrong. The rookies’ impression game is pretty strong, too. At a class-wide photo shoot earlier this week, the folks over at SBNation asked the first-year players of 2015-2016 to mimic some of basketball’s most notable performers.

You’ve surely seen Armstrong (@BdotAdot5) take on the moves of James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Kobe Bryant, and more. It’s no accident those videos turned him into an overnight sensation, either. Not only are they scary accurate, but also poke fun at the stylistic idiosyncrasies of the many stars NBA fans love to mock. And somehow, Armstrong hasn’t ruffled the feathers of those he’s imitating. Bryant even gave him a personal seal of approval.

The efforts of D’Angelo Russell, Kelly Oubre, and others are definitely, definitely funny. The Los Angeles Lakers rookie does a fantastic Harden, and his Washington Wizards counterpart even has the hairstyle to match Nick Young’s epic celebration of a missed three-pointer.

But are they toeing the line of league brotherhood here?

Armstrong isn’t playing with and against those he mocks; there’s no obligation of respect to the players from him. The rookies, though? Let’s just say we wouldn’t be surprised if the youngsters hear about these gags during the season from their veteran peers. And rest assured, Russell and the rest definitely won’t be laughing then.

[Via SBNation]