Can You Guess Which Lakers Played Paintball With Roy Hibbert?

The Los Angeles Lakers acquired Roy Hibbert from the Indiana Pacers this offseason, a team Hibbert had spent his entire career playing for. The former Georgetown center has plenty of flaws as a player,  but he is a former All-Star and can’t be much worse than the Robert Sacre-Jordan Hill-Tarik Black trio that the Lakers were playing at center last season.

In order to bond with his new teammates, Hibbert invited them to play paintball and took the following photo for Twitter:

While Hibbert’s 7’2 frame makes him pretty easy to spot even with the camouflage, identifying the rest of the LA roster isn’t quite as easy. Obviously the real question has to be: did Kobe play? And if so, how badly did he destroy everyone? After all, Kobe has been known to frequent paintball parks, just ask Anderson Silva.

Hibbert is no stranger to the world of paintball either, as back in 2013 he wore Google Glass when he was playing for what turned into a pretty intense video.

Although Hibbert and his teammates seem to be enjoying the offseason, some Laker fans aren’t exactly thrilled about their choice of activity after finishing 21-61 last year.

Something tells me Spurs fans weren’t so critical.