Here’s Rudy Gay Playfully Smacking Teammate DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins and George Karl are reportedly working on repairing their fractured relationship, which is good news for Sacramento Kings fans everywhere (and really just the Kings overall). Luckily, the relationship between Boogie and his teammates is in no need of repair. Exhibit A: the above loving slap from Rudy Gay on Cousins.

There is danger here, though. Notice Boogie’s face the few seconds between the slap and the moment he realizes it was Rudy. There is menace in those eyes, and anger in that mouth. Had that been someone else (can you imagine if Karl had tried that?), terror might have ensued. Luckily, it was just Rudy, and Cousins was able to laugh it off, though not before promising some serious revenge on his teammate.

Last year, the Kings were a trainwreck, which is not all that different from years prior, but what separated last year from all the others was that most of the dysfunction came from the front office and ownership. The actual team, meaning the players, had pretty sound chemistry. Cousins is the recognized leader of the bunch, and if he and Karl can get on the same page, the rest of the team should follow suit.

(Via Sean Cunningham)