Rudy Gay Is So Detached From The Kings, He Doesn’t Even Know Who They Picked Up This Summer

The Sacramento Kings remain one of the most perplexing organizations in the NBA, with their last three first round draft picks and one of their biggest free agent acquisitions of the last two season all being big men, none of which are their star DeMarcus Cousins. Their best perimeter player is Rudy Gay, who has long been a pariah of NBA nerds for his inefficient offense and inconsistent defense — and he was rumored to be demanding a trade.

Though we couldn’t blame him for wanting a more stable situation heading into his age 30 season (a desire he admitted to), Gay denied demanding a trade in an interview with Sactown Royalty. But what he admitted to might be even worse:

So how about next season? What do you think about Dave Joerger and if you are still here, what do you see the potential of the team being?

I don’t know. Honestly, I haven’t paid attention. I don’t even know who our new players are to be honest with you. I’ve just been focused on trying to be healthy and trying to get in shape and get ready for the season, wherever that might be.

Man, imagine how he’s going to react when he hears about that trade for Giorgios Papagiannis.

It should go without saying, but having one of your best players be so disengaged from the team that he doesn’t even know of any roster updates is not a good sign for team chemistry heading into the season. Gay is still a viable player, but we seriously doubt that any team will be willing to part with pieces of value, or that the Kings will dump Gay simply because he’s unhappy. Looks like we’re heading for another magical Kings season!

(Via Sactown Royalty)

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