The Grizzlies Want Mayo and Gay to Shoot Less

11.19.08 9 years ago
Rudy GayRudy Gay (photo. Carnegie Lee)

Right now there are only two tandems in the League who take more shots per game than O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay, who have put up an average of 34.3 shots per game between the two of them. When Tony Parker and Tim Duncan have been on the floor, they’ve tried 36.6 attempts, and Dirk Nowitzki and Josh Howard have put up a League-high 36.9 shots.

“We have to find that balance between shooting the open shot and making the extra pass,” Iavaroni said. “We’re taking too many contested 2-pointers. It’s all one-on-one. Either you’re open or you’re not. But if the ball continues to move we’ll get better shots. And we have to understand spacing. It’s all a process.”

It’s not necessary that they’re shooting too much. It’s that they’re both making their shots the team’s priority. Instead of letting the offense come to them – as cliche as that sounds – they’re pulling when someone is up in their face.

That’s the biggest difference between the three duo’s listed above. Both the Grizzlies pair and the Mavs pair do exactly that – they stop any offensive rhythm to try to find a shot. Together Gay and Mayo are shooting 43.7%, and Dirk/Howard are shooting 44.9%.

But Parker and Duncan are in a different class. Maybe it’s that Gregg Popovich has orchestrated the perfect offense oriented around them, but it seems like all of their looks are good ones (they shoot 57% from the field), and if they don’t have a shot, they give the ball up. And it’s not like the Spurs supporting cast is much different from the Grizzlies’. Without Manu, the options are just as ugly in San Antonio when TP or TD don’t have a good look at the rim. But they still give the ball up.

Source: Real GM

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