Rudy Gay Is Headed To The Spurs On A Two-Year Deal Worth $17 Million

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Rudy Gay‘s name has been thrown around as one to watch on the free agent market. For a while, it sounded like the Oklahoma City Thunder were going to try and acquire Gay and put him next to Russell Westbrook and Paul George. That fell through right around the time that word came out that the Golden State Warriors were eyeing Gay, with Kevin Durant reportedly telling the team that he would take less money if it meant Gay would join the team.

With two of the best teams in the Western Conference striking out, Gay decided to look at another juggernaut out west: San Antonio. Apparently, the Spurs were interested, too, as Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that the two sides agreed to a deal.

The crazy thing is that Gay, who is coming off of a season-ended achilles injury but can still get buckets, is on a deal that is rather favorable for San Antonio, which used its mid-level exception on the veteran forward.

It’s an interesting pick up for the Spurs, which now have another scoring option to put next to Kawhi Leonard. As for Gay, he seems pretty stoked to join Gregg Popovich and co.

This is a good fit on both sides, although there is one person who isn’t too happy about the deal: Thunder big man Enes Kanter, who “reported” that Gay was on the verge of joining Oklahoma City.

It’s ok, Enes. Y’all still got Paul George.