Rudy Gobert Seems Like He Moved On From Being Tight With Gordon Hayward Pretty Quickly

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Whenever an NBA player switches teams, the focus is usually on what he brings to his new team. In the case of Gordon Hayward, who announced on Tuesday night that he would join the Boston Celtics, a lot of the conversation has revolved around whether he’ll be able to help Boston get over the hump in the Eastern Conference.

But on the other side of things, there are the Utah Jazz, which now have to try and figure out how to replace their All-Star and top scorer. This is a massive loss for the Jazz, who relied heavily on Hayward’s ability to provide a scoring punch on the wing.

The good news for Utah is they still have another young star in Rudy Gobert. While his skill set is far different Hayward’s, he’s still an incredible player and the type of guy who the Jazz can build around. Additionally, based on a video he posted to Instagram, Gobert seems ready to move on from Hayward.

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