Rudy Gobert Was ‘Honored’ A Child Wanted To Tell Him About Their Potty Training Success First

05.26.18 5 months ago

Getty Image

Rudy Gobert has fans of all ages, and one of those fans really wanted the Utah Jazz star to know that they figured out how to go to the bathroom. Gobert was mentioned on Twitter by a mother whose child was so exited about using the indoor plumbing that they wanted to tell the Jazz star about their success first and foremost. Why? Well, who knows. The year 2018 is weird.

It’s a bit of an odd thing to have happened, but I suppose that’s the price of being a sports idol to people of all ages. Gobert is beloved in Utah, and it’s easy to see how a player of his caliber could become a big part of a kid’s life, even if it’s just through the prism of social media.

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