Rudy Gobert Is Still Upset About How Gordon Hayward Ignored Him During Free Agency

03.13.18 9 months ago

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Last summer, Gordon Hayward’s decision to sign with the Boston Celtics was one of the biggest stories of the offseason. That is, of course, before it was overshadowed by the Kyrie Irving saga in Cleveland, which coincidentally resulted in the two of them ending up as teammates in Boston.

But as with Irving, Hayward’s departure from Utah was not without controversy of its own. On July 4, someone prematurely leaked news of Hayward’s intention to sign with the Celtics, causing his agent to publicly deny those reports and sparking media outlets everywhere to backtrack on their erroneous reports.

Later that day, the Players Tribune would publish his official announcement, but the whole thing left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth, especially some of Hayward’s Jazz teammates. Rudy Gobert has previously voiced his displeasure with how Hayward handled this situation, and he doubled down on that criticism in a recent interview with FOX 13 Salt Lake City.

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