Russell Westbrook On Refusing Dunk Contest Invites: ‘I Only Dunk On People’

“All the Dunk Contest needs is superstars!” It’s a common sentiment, and one we don’t necessarily disagree with. Whether All-Star Saturday’s marquee event can ever be restored to its former glory or not, nobody would mind watching an athlete of Russell Westbrook’s unique caliber participating. But the Oklahoma City Thunder’s ultra-dynamic point guard has refused every invitation he’s received. Considering his sound and typically awesome reasoning behind that long-standing choice, though, it’s easy to see why Westbrook chooses to sit on the dunk-off sidelines.

That’s so, so Russ.

And it also makes a lot of sense. While this swooping reverse jam from last month shows off Westbrook’s aerial grace and creativity, explosions like that are hardly the type for which he’s known. And unfortunately, he couldn’t exactly replicate the below to such effect in the Dunk Contest setting:


Here’s an idea – let fans bid for the chance to act as Westbrook’s victim in a poster. NBA fanatics are definitely crazy enough to willingly take a hit from that human freight train. In fact, we’ll even volunteer. The only thing more enjoyable than watching a Russ poster is obviously being part of one, right?