The Only Person Who Loves Dunks More Than Russell Westbrook Is This Hyped Up Kid

12.30.17 2 years ago

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Dunks are awesome. Though worth just two points, the emotional value of a big, thunderous dunk can shift an entire game.

There might not be a better dunker in the NBA than Russell Westbrook, not in the complexity or difficulty of his dunks but in the pure power he uses to throw one down. It’s about as violent as you can get in sports without actually hurting anyone, but the reaction to one of Westbrook’s hammers is always pretty great.

Check out this dunk from Friday night’s Thunder-Bucks game, a tilt that was decided by a controversial dunk later on. Before all that drama went down, however, Westbrook needed to embarrass Thon Maker and cause a kid sitting courtside to lose his damn mind.

Look at that little kid jump out near the court and start fist pumping! He’s inches from Russ as the two of them celebrate. What a cool little moment in a basketball game. I wish I felt as passionate about anything as that kid does about Russell Westbrook dunks.

Though he does plays it cool in postgame when he’s asked about it. Here’s Westbrook’s casual answer when asked about what was on his mind when he tore off the cover of the Moon on that dunk.

Westbrook is the best, and that little kid is, too.

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