Here’s Russell Westbrook Kinda Sorta Jawing With Monty Williams, But We Can’t Tell

It looks like the relationship between Monty Williams – the new lead assistant for the Oklahoma City Thunder – and Russell Westbrook is off to a great start! Look, there’s good ol’ Westbrook, shoving Monty, with Monty jawing back at him. Yup, they’re on the fast track to becoming the best of friends!

In all seriousness, this is typical smack talk between a coach and his player. Westbrook’s shove is playful, as is Monty’s retort telling him not to be hostile. That wasn’t the only time Monty and Westbrook jawed back and forth. Well, we think it’s not the only time, but we can’t quite tell. Here, you be the judge.

It… kind of sounds like Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul are going at it with Monty, but they’re speaking so low, it’s honestly a toss up. Westbrook appears to be the most verbal, which is fairly typical for him, but it’s just not clear what he’s saying. Also, Kevin Durant seems to have some bizarre fascination and obsession with pulling up the legs of his shorts.

Hopefully, this is the start of a great relationship between Westbrook, Durant and Williams. As coach of the New Orleans Pelicans, Monty was beloved by his players and lauded for his ability to connect with them. That and his experience as a head coach are two of the many reasons why Billy Donovan named him lead assistant.

(Royce Young and Ximo Pierto)