Russell Westbrook Proved That He’s A Jedi When He Used His Mind To Cross Up Gorgui Dieng

Now that we have “Did He Shout Out Kyrie Irving or The Team Trainer’s Daughter?“-gate all figured out, the latest question involving Russell Westbrook is whether or not he’s a literal Jedi.

The latest evidence in his favor is this clip from the Thunder’s Christmas Day game against the Wolves. Westbrook was dribbling up the court like it was nothing and Gorgui Dieng fell backwards like he got crossed up. You’re probably thinking “he just fell backwards,” which is fine, but go back and look at almost any video of a dude getting crossed up – there is a good chance they will fall backwards in the exact same manner that Dieng did here.

The evidence against Westbrook, of course, is that Jedis come from the fictional world of Star Wars. Using logic, this means that Jedis are not real, and therefore, Westbrook cannot be a Jedi. However, averaging a triple-double is something that most mortals probably can’t do, so imagining that Westbrook came to us from a different realm in which he possessed the powers of a Jedi is plausible, I suppose.

Oklahoma City ended up beating Minnesota, 112-100. Westbrook had a huge night – 31 points, 15 assists, 7 rebounds, and one “crossover” which took the phrase “ninety percent of the game is half mental” to new heights.