Russell Westbrook Earned An MVP Chant After Drilling A Half-Court Shot At A Basketball Camp

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The last few months of Russell Westbrook‘s life have probably consisted of a ton of MVP chants. Usually, they came from Thunder fans when Oklahoma City had a home game and Westbrook was in the process of putting up another silly stat line. But on Friday, Westbrook got a round of MVP chants from a group of kids at a basketball camp. As is usually the case when an athlete in any sport gets an MVP chant, this was a well-deserved moment.

Westbrook hosted two sessions of his basketball camp this past week in Oklahoma City. At one of them, the kids in the crowd asked Westbrook to show that he could knock down a half-court shot by repeatedly chanting “half-court shot.” Westbrook obliged them, stepped up to the line, threw up a prayer, and saw it answered.

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