THE PERFECT ARCHETYPE: Human Video Game Russell Westbrook Gets His NBA LIVE 16 Cover

Managing Editor, Sports + DIME
06.09.15 14 Comments
EA SPORTS selected Russell Westbrook as its NBA LIVE 16 cover athlete. Uproxx Sports was given exclusive access to the Thunder star as he went through motion capturing, body scanning and a photo shoot at one of the company’s EA SPORTS studios in Vancouver on May 29 in anticipation of the cover reveal on Tuesday.

“Russell plays every game like he has something to prove,” EA SPORTS VP of Marketing Anthony Stevenson said in an official release. “Our team is building NBA LIVE the exact same way, so we’re thrilled to have him as an ambassador for our game.”

The game is Westbrook’s first cover, although with the way he’s been playing the past few seasons, if anything, it’s hard to believe it took this long.

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