Russell Westbrook Dances In A New Nike Commercial To Show How Not Mad He Is About Kevin Durant

Russell Westbrook stars in a new commercial that is just essentially, “I’m not mad, I’m actually laughing” for 60 seconds. “It’s funny that Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City. You’re the one who is still mad. I’m fine and laughing about it.”

The backstory to the ad: After Durant left for Golden State via free agency, Westbrook showed how not mad he was by posting a 10-second video of him in a car singing Lil Uzi Vert’s “Now I Do What I Want,” the sports equivalent to posting the video to “Stronger” by Britney Spears to your Facebook page to show you’re over a breakup when all your friends know you still cry when you drive past the restaurant where you first kissed.

Anyway, Nike based an entire ad campaign around this “Now I Do What I Want” thing, because I guess Westbrook has always wanted to win fewer games on a worse team. Marketing is wild. Also buy his sneakers.