Russell Westbrook On His Basketball Mindset: ‘Kill’

The proverbial “killer instinct” is a tired NBA trope. We’re not even exactly sure what it is, and know that superstars who are often described as lacking it somehow manage to thrive nonetheless. But despite the cliché and its lazy narrative scope, it’s safe to say that Russell Westbrook embodies it better than any other player – and he certainly seems to agree.

Sounds about right – especially considering his brash dunking boasts.

Nobody in the game is more relentless than Westbrook. He’s an irresistible force of maniacal intensity and fury coupled with all-around athleticism the likes of which we’ve never seen. For all of Russ’ improvements as a shooter and floor general over the past few seasons, it’s that blend of wild competitive fervor and unparalleled physical attributes that most makes him great.

Of course, it also makes him a lightning rod for criticism. Unlike some other famous killers, though, Westbrook just doesn’t seem to care.