Russell Westbrook Shoved John Wall At The All-Star Game For No Particular Reason

02.19.17 2 years ago

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You already knew Russell Westbrook has absolutely no chill, even at a meaningless event like the NBA All-Star Game. Don’t be fooled by him pretending to play nice and relenting to throw down a lob pass from his former teammate turned arch rival Kevin Durant. There was plenty of animosity and awkwardness on that front in the lead-up to the exhibition to begin with.

Even when the West All-Star bench celebrated wildly following that play, Russ seemed pretty nonplussed by the whole thing. And he wasn’t about to dial down his competitive nature from there. Early in the second quarter, Carmelo Anthony fouled Westbrook on a layup attempt (for some inexplicable reason), which prompted Westbrook to bellow out a primal scream of “And 1!” like it was a real game, then finish it up with a little shove on Anthony, who seemed rightfully perplexed.

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