Russell Westbrook Gives Serious Side-Eye When Asked About Steph Curry’s Victory Guarantee

01.29.16 2 years ago

Look at it. Look at the hesitation in Russell Westbrook‘s face. He’s close, very close, to just exploding on everyone after being asked about Stephen Curry’s guarantee that his Warriors would beat Westbrook’s Thunder. Yet, while Westbrook plays with an unbridled rage, his interactions with the media are fueled more by contempt. He hates the rim, which is why he tries to destroy it every chance he gets. When it comes to reporters, though, he really couldn’t care one way or another about their existence.

So instead of blowing up at poor Royce Young of ESPN for asking the question, he merely gives him the saltiest of side-eyes, before asking if anyone else had any other questions. Honestly, that could almost be considered nice. At least Westbrook didn’t outright say “I just don’t like you,” like he did to another reporter.

We’ll go ahead and call this progress! Maybe next time he’ll actually give a paragraph-length answer to something. OK, that’s probably asking a bit too much.  This was a close call, but fortunately, Young will live to fight another day.

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