Russell Westbrook Is Dunking With Ease Again, And We Aren’t Entirely Convinced He’s Not A Superhero

Russell Westbrook continued his Space Jam-esque season against the Pelicans and had already made the highlight reels once with his crazy assist from the floor. But that wasn’t enough for the Thunder veteran, who also head-faked Jrue Holiday out of his shoes on the three-point line before flying to the rim for this powerful jam.

The superhuman guard had another regular night for him, notching a triple-double with an entire quarter to go. It’s a long season, but as of now, all signs point to the Westbrook machine running non-stop into the new year. It’s almost as if every time someone asks him about Kevin Durant, it becomes internalized as one of those glowing orbs from Inside Out, and Westbrook can take a look at it and examine it as one of his core memories. But instead of it being placed back in the important parts of the brain, Westbrook instead throws it in some sort of steam engine and uses it as fuel.

Westbrook is already an MVP candidate, but he’s also single-handedly able to make the Thunder a force in the Western Conference. We can only hope he’ll face off against Durant come playoff time. Then we’ll really see what those core memories are made of.