Russell Westbrook Surprises A Single Mom With The Kia He Won As All-Star Game MVP


Today was a good day for Kerstin Gonzales. The single mom of two received a brand new Kia thanks to the 2015 NBA All-Star Game MVP. Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbrook gifted her the car because of “all the hard work she’s done to keep her family together.”

The exchange came about with the help of Sunbeam Family Services, who provides high quality social services to the poor and working class in Oklahoma City with counseling, foster care, early childhood services and senior care.


Somehow Russell found a way to be more incredible off the court than he has been as an MVP candidate this year.

If you’re not familiar, Russ continues to open up Reading Rooms as part of his #WhyNot Foundation. They’re one of the more inspiring ways we’ve seen professional athletes give back. We love books, and he’s helping more kids feel the same way.

Still, a new car is extremely helpful for a single mom, so congrats to Kerstin!