Soft Songs Russell Westbrook Can Sing To Victor Oladipo So He Can Get To Sleep

09.27.16 3 years ago

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Victor Oladipo is the center of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s retooling efforts, the main piece sent over in exchange for Serge Ibaka. Along with Steven Adams, Dipo will be considered Russell Westbrook’s main sidekick in the latter’s vengeful quest to singlehandedly lay waste to the NBA to prove who really drove the Thunder. It’ll be glorious, especially if the two blessed-with-bounce guards can find chemistry on the court. To that end, it seems like they’re already bonding.

Hey, whatever works, right? Sleep is important, and if Oladipo is soothed by Russ’s questionable singing voice, then we’re happy they’ve found each other. At the very least, the similarly-tuneful Vic could make some great Snapchat stories out of this. The quote was from Saturday at Thunder camp, and with the benefit of a few days’ thought, we’ve got a few ideas on what kind of lullabies Russ would sing to his new teammate.

(NOTE: Any interpretations or second meanings given to these picks are your doing. We just like thinking of sweet, gentle songs.)

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