Russell Westbrook Won All-Star MVP So He Could Sign His Friend’s Cast

If you were friends with one of the top players in the NBA, and that player offered to sign your cast (oh, right, in this hypothetical situation, you have a broken arm), it wouldn’t take two seconds before you eagerly agreed. That apparently wasn’t the case for Russell Westbrook and one of his friends.

As he told ABC’s LIVE with Kelly and Michael, it wasn’t a coincidence that Westbrook tried so hard to win All-Star MVP – which he did in dominant, 41-point fashion. He was trying to win it from the very start so he could win a bet with his friend.

Westbrook spoils if he won the honor: signing his friend’s cast. Now, it’s not like Westbrook has ever needed extra motivation to excel, so the bet probably didn’t drive him as much as, well, just being himself did. But every little push helps, apparently. His 41 points were two shy of tying Wilt Chamberlain’s All-Star scoring record. Maybe that’ll be his extra motivation for next year.

(Via Live with Kelly and Michael) (h/t The Daily Oklahoman)