The Kings Clowned The Cavs On Twitter After Beating Them In OT

01.25.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

Twitter/Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings went into Cleveland and beat the Cavaliers in overtime on Wednesday and then hopped online to talk some trash about it.

A day after DeMarcus Cousins said not making the playoffs is eating him alive, he led the Kings in a big road win over the defending NBA champions.

Cousins had 28 points and added 11 rebounds and three steals in the 116-112 overtime victory.

The Kings’ Twitter account also celebrated the big win by having a little fun with the Cavs logo, turning the team’s C into an L.

LeBron James probably won’t be happy about taking the ‘L’ both on and off the court, but he might not have room to complain after he subtweeted his own team earlier in the week. It’s another weird moment of tension for the NBA champs, especially after LeBron asked for more playmakers on the Cavs’ roster.

This comes after the Cavs acquired Kyle Korver from Atlanta earlier this month, but James says he’s tired of asking for backup. Losses like this might show some weakness in the Cavs, but they might also be a good reason for James to get some more help.

Whether LeBron and the Cavs get another scorer just yet is unclear, but these midseason struggles in Believeland are giving opponents plenty to Tweet about.

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