The Sacramento Kings Turned The Adorable Up To 11 And Let A Dog Run Their Twitter

The last day of the year is a sports fan’s dream. Junior hockey, grown up hockey, college football, basketball — there’s no shortage of games to watch as we gleefully kick 2016 to the curb. Can’t get any better than that, right? Hahaha WRONG.

After what we’ll say is overwhelming demand, it was decided that Minnie the Corgi would take over the Sacramento Kings’ Twitter account during their final game of the year:

Yeah yeah, I know what you’re saying. Danielle, come on, corgis have those stumpy little legs and no opposable thumbs, how is she going to tweet? And to that I say literally who cares. She wears a tiny dog jersey, makes puns, and is a very good sports dog. And we all know there’s nothing Uproxx Sports loves more than a good sports dog. Minnie is arguably the greatest basketball communications specialist of our time. Check this out:


She had her doubters, but Minnie has no time for haters (or not waiting until intermissions to do her doggy duties):

She’s endorsed by Air Bud, who is also a Very Good Sports Dog:

Even though Sac Town (hehehe) would go on to lose to the Grizzlies 112-98, Minnie never gave up hope during the game that Boogie and company would come out on top:

Also, hey, while we’re here, did you know that in Sacramento they make human babies race for their own entertainment?

I feel like this should somehow be illegal? What is happening in California?

Minnie also got some face time with Slamson, the Kings’ mascot who looks like Mr. Mistoffelees got stung by a bee on a day he didn’t have his EpiPen with him:

Okay, so her typing skills are clearly good enough to put your earlier question to shame, but maybe next time we could get her a selfie stick and help her out a little (it’s okay girlfriend I have little arms too I feel your pain):

Here she is making a case for more dog reporters in the NBA, and also why Sports Vine should never stop being a thing:

I know the Kings want everyone to vote Boogie into the NBA All Star game, but listen, after today we all know Minnie is the true All Star.