The Kings Are Fun For Once, And That’s All That Matters Right Now In Sacramento

11.13.18 6 months ago

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The Kings are fun. No, not fun in a weird ironic way. No, they’re not fun just because they’re typically one of the final league pass options late at night. The 2018-19 Sacramento Kings are a legitimately entertaining basketball team to watch.

They are the second fastest team in the NBA according to pace. They have a young core that is proving it can work well together. De’Aaron Fox is a speedy pinball that can blow by defenders or pull up on a dime and not lose control. Perhaps more importantly than all of that, the Kings are winning.

It’s smart to remain cautious about early season upstarts outperforming expectations to a dramatic degree. There’s always the potential for an injury, unexpected front office move, or a regression to normalcy to put the Kings back in the basement. But even if that turns out to be the case, the basketball itself will remain fun. The personnel and style of play Sacramento is rolling out a nightly basis lends itself to a fun brand of basketball. Willie Cauley-Stein could probably jump over the entire backboard if he wanted to. Bogdan Bogdanovic can and will shoot from absolutely anywhere. Fox? His control is otherworldly for a second-year player.

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