Sad Kevin Love Sat The Fourth Last Night, But He Set A Great Screen For Kyrie In OT!

Make sure to play the volume in the above Vine — by the venerable CJ Fogler − because it’s pretty much how we imagined Kevin Love‘s interior monologue during the Kyrie Irving show last night.

Love only scored eight points in the overtime Cavs win on a 2-for-10 shooting night in over 32 minutes of action. His irrelevance can be attributed to a sore back; although, a lot of Twitter blamed it on him being Kevin Love.*

Some people used his absence from the sideline in overtime as an excuse to perpetuate more of the Love’s unhappy trope that’s caught on this season — when he’s been relegated to a tertiary role on Cleveland’s offense after acting as The Man in Minnesota for some non-playoff teams the last few years.

He was just banged up and let his talented teammates take over. So why was he missing when Blatt wanted to sub him in during overtime?

He was actually riding the bike in the tunnel to keep his back from locking up sitting on those tiny sideline chairs (it’s why Steve Nash would always lie down on some towels).

After checking in during the extra session, Love had an assist and one of his five rebounds on the night. His back-screen on Kawhi to free Kyrie, was one of the more underappreciated plays down the home stretch. Clearly it’s hard to credit Love’s screen when Kyrie is crossing up Diaw and then dropping another triplet in his eye.


Also, LeBron didn’t include K-Love in his post-game “#SwagClique,” which people will probably read  too much into.


Even though Love had his arm around James and his “crew” just a couple of days earlier.



Attendance in LeBron’s Instagram uploads means nothing at all, so save your breath Lakers fans — he’s not coming this summer.

At least, we don’t think…


*Same thing happened to Chris Bosh.

(Vine via @cjzero)