Sam Dekker Roasts Dwight Howard For This ‘Senior Year’ Photo


You know it’s bad when a rookie is roasting a vet. For some reason, Sam Dekker was using Dwight Howard’s iPad. Somehow, someway, Dekker found himself in Dwight’s photos and came across this absolute beauty.

Like Dekker, we too are confused as to why Howard has this picture on his person. What possible use could he have for it? Well, we do have one theory: Could it be the first picture on his Hinge/Tinder/Bumble/OKCupid profile? If so, it’s not a bad choice. It shows that A. he likes the outdoors, B. is in great shape and C. is Dwight Howard, which probably helps when it comes to getting dates.

One thing is for sure: Howard probably won’t be letting Dekker use his iPad again any time soon.