Sam Presti Hasn’t Heard From Kevin Durant Since He Trashed The Thunder On Twitter

09.22.17 8 months ago

Getty Image

Kevin Durant had some not-so nice things to say about his former team and coach earlier this week. He didn’t mean to say them with his verified Twitter account, mind you, but the monkey’s out of the barrel here and now we all have to deal with the fallout from it.

Much of that fallout has, so far, come from the Oklahoma City Thunder and its players. Enes Kanter was critical of Durant’s words and he drew praise from a young Thunder fan for it. But now it’s general manger Sam Presi’s turn to respond to Durant’s claim that the team wasn’t much beyond Durant and Russell Westbrook.

Presti spoke with reporters on Friday and didn’t have much of a reaction to Durant’s words, other than that he’s said his piece about the former Thunder superstar in the past.

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