San Antonio’s Mascot Heroically Caught A Bat That Interrupted Spurs-Pelicans


Sometimes heroes actually do wear capes. At least that was the case on Saturday night as the San Antonio Spurs hosted the New Orleans Pelicans and another bat made its presence known at AT&T Center in Texas.

Bats have a long history of showing up at Spurs games, but Manu Ginobili has retired, making it a bit harder to get rid of the creatures when they happen to swoop down by the playing surface. This exact scenario happened on Saturday night, as the bat — no doubt a Lakers fan trying to tell the Pelicans to send Anthony Davis to Los Angeles — flew down near the court.

Play stopped on the floor because of the nocturnal creature, and players on the benches did the best they could by hucking a towel at the little guy. But nothing would stop this creature of the night from flying around all over the place.

Enter the Coyote, San Antonio’s mascot, who knew of potential bat ruckuses and dressed the part in his Batman costume. With net in tow, he went to work getting the game back on track by netting himself a bat.


The Coyote needed two tries to capture said bat, but thanks to a fairly large net and an all-out dive to track the mammal down, it was successful on the second go.

Bats cannot flap their wings to lift themselves up off the ground, mind you, so everyone was safe once the Coyote had swatted this fearsome creature to the floor, and thanks to the mascot outfit’s glove, he was able to pick the bat up and secure it without anyone getting hurt. It was good work all around, and hopefully the bat is OK. After all, Coyote needs to keep relations with the bat community friendly if he wants any chance of taking over for Ben Affleck.

In any event, congratulations to Coyote the Spurs mascot for carrying on the sports tradition established by the great Jim Lorenz all the way back in 1975. Hopefully Spurs-Pelicans won’t get mired in a thick fog. But if it does, you’ll know why it happened.