The Spurs Stuck To Their Guns With Their Classic New Nike Jerseys

The San Antonio Spurs showed off their new Nike uniforms on Friday, and in a shocking move that rocked the NBA world, the team didn’t change all that much to their look.

Brandon Paul and Derrick White helped the Spurs model the clean jerseys, which got their own video despite there not being all that much to show off as far as changes go.


The Icon version of the jersey is black and looks like every Spurs jersey you’ve ever seen, though this one has a Nike logo on it. The Association edition is white. According to the team’s website, the Icon will be worn during a preseason game against Sacramento on October 2, while the Association edition will make its debut when the Spurs host the Kings on October 6.

Here’s White in the Association edition.

And Paul rocking the Icon.

Again there’s not a whole lot to report here, although I agree with our Robby Kalland: the “Spurs” wordmark does look like the kerning is off a bit here. The individual letters are spaced out pretty far, and the lack of bend in the word line makes them look even farther apart.

The fact that the only real change here is in a typeface really is the most Spurs thing ever, though. The uniforms are fine. The Spurs will be good. Life will go on.