The San Antonio Spurs Have Started A Rock Band Delightfully Named ‘Spuran Spuran’

NBA fans have been clamoring for a team to start a rock band with a heavy influence from 1980’s hair bands like Kiss, Bon Jovi, and Metallica. Well, it appears those dreams have finally been realized by the defending NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs.

We’ve got Aussie Aron Baynes on keyboard guitar, lead singer Matt Bonner, Patty Mills on guitar, and Kawhi Leonard on drums. Don’t worry, even in a video with so much brilliance happening, Kawhi still mumbles his way through his lines like he’d rather be doing wind sprints.

But Leonard is sporting a pretty nifty RUSH shirt and nothing says the Klaw more than Neil Peart. Plus, we’re pretty sure Leonard has never heard of Keith Moon or Lars Ulrich, and we doubt he’s driving cars into the pool. Leonard’s got no time for nonsense like music.

Kawhi Leonard

There’s obvious chemistry between Aussie natives, Baynes and Mills, but Bonner brings it all together. The sandwich hunter and baby carrot shill has rhythm.

No word yet on when they start touring, but they’re sure to be at the AT&T Center soon. Apparently they’ve been practicing hard and will be releasing their debut single on Tuesday, so be sure to check back later for updates.

(video via Steven Ybarra)