Say Hello To The ShotTracker: Revolutionizing Your Workout One Shot At A Time

We’ve all heard the saying “practice makes perfect.” That is true in everything you do and rings true with the sport of basketball as well. One thing that every player works on — whether it’s for their local YMCA team or if you’re Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder — is your jump shot. Throughout the spring and summer, you can find players lined up to play in the park and in the fall and winter those same players filter into the nearest gym.

Beginning today, the product that will forever reshape the way you practice will be available for pre-order. That product is the ShotTracker. ShotTracker, a UHoops affiliate, is a package compiled of a wrist device — conveniently built into the ever-popular shooting sleeve — a net sensor and an app.

No longer will you need to write down and chart your shooting workouts. ShotTracker will do it for you. ShotTracker will keep track of a player’s shot attempts, makes, misses and shooting percentage. It also will keep a shot chart for the player that will show “hot” and “cold” zones.

Daveyon Ross, the Co-Founder and CEO of ShotTracker, said the idea formed when his business partner was rebounding for his son and he wasn’t sure how well his son was doing. He wanted to find a way to keep track of his son’s improvement, but realized you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Ross tried to make the tech invisible and transparent to the user so they can focus on practicing and making that next shot. At 0.4 ounces, it’s easy to post onto every single net.

The app allows you to compare your abilities against your friends. There will be leaderboards and challenges that will make your workout fun. Pre-orders begin today (Enter UHOOPS in coupon area for free shipping) or follow them on Twitter for all of the info and stick with Dime for more details as they emerge.

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