Scary incident mars Cavs/Pistons; Kobe can’t beat Charlotte

03.06.10 9 years ago 21 Comments

For some inexplicable reason, while the ESPN announcers were recapping last night’s Cavs/Pistons game as Cleveland was putting the finishing touches on another W, they failed to explore the possibility that Detroit was shaken up by what had happened to Rodney Stuckey, or go into how it affected their play … During a timeout late in the third quarter, Stuckey was coming of the court and said he felt dizzy. He then collapsed on the bench right next to the Pistons’ trainer, and had to be rushed away in ambulance. After that, there was a somber, strange vibe in the arena that even translated through the TV. At the time of the incident, Detroit was up on the scoreboard in a game where they’d led by as much as 21. After Stuckey was taken away, the Pistons lost their lead and the game … Classy move by LeBron to round up his teammates immediately after the final buzzer and join the Pistons’ prayer circle. Last we heard, Stuckey was in stable condition, but it was definitely scary — especially being right around the 20-year anniversary of Hank Gathers‘ death. (ESPN Classic was running a marathon of old Loyola Marymount games the other day.) Stuckey, if you remember, missed a couple games last season following on-court dizzy spells … LeBron (40 pts, 13 rebs) was hobbling on a sore ankle after the game, but when Heather Cox asked him about it, he acted like it was nothing. Then it seemed like Cox was going to wish him a “quick recovery,” but some Cavs employee off-camera must have given her a cold glare, because she switched it up to “continued health.” … Even when Mike is retired, Kobe just can’t get one over on him. For the seventh time in their last nine meetings, MJ’s Bobcats knocked off Kobe’s Lakers, simply outplaying them this time on both ends of the floor. Kobe dropped 26 points and gave Gerald Henderson his rookie initiation when he unveiled one of those off-the-glass-to-himself moves, but once again his teammates didn’t show up. Meanwhile, the ‘Cats were flying all over the place like an underdog college team, pressing and forcing 20 L.A. turnovers … When Derek Fisher‘s contract is up this summer, do you think L.A. will even try to re-sign him? Fisher’s defense is a real problem — Ray Felton was making him look like he had tennis rackets on his feet — and it’s not like Fish is raining shots from the outside (38% FG this season) to make up for it. Of course Fisher has the playoffs to redeem himself, but eventually the Lakers have to think about the future of their PG position … Ric Flair was at the game, clinging to the few blond locks he has left. Did you know Flair is in TNA wrestling now? We had no idea until one of our guys told us he flipped past TNA the other night and saw Flair having an old-man confrontation with Hulk Hogan

Tyreke Evans had a grown-ass man playing D on him, and in the crucial moments of Mavs/Kings, Caron Butler wouldn’t let the rookie forget it. With about a minute left, the Kings were down two when Tyreke (20 pts, 6 asts) tried going to the rack and got stripped by Caron. That set up two free throws for Dirk Nowitzki, then on Sacramento’s next possession, Tyreke turned it over again to Caron before Dirk (31 pts, 12 rebs) hit two more free throws that basically iced it … After Andres Nocioni fouled out late in the fourth, one Mavs announcer said, “I don’t know about you, but I felt like Nocioni fouled out in the second quarter.” His partner said, “It’s almost like summer league, where you get 10 fouls.” Rick Carlisle had been ejected earlier in the game because Nocioni was assaulting Dirk and hardly getting called for it … Chris Bosh was supposed to be back in Toronto’s lineup last night, but reportedly he was watching some Knicks game film beforehand and it gave him stomach pains. Sonny Weems (20 pts, 9 rebs) wasn’t technically Bosh’s replacement in T-Dot’s win, but he was getting so high above the rim to snatch boards and finish dunks and layups, he might as well have been 6-10 … Fundamental flaw in the Pacers’ game plan against Denver: Having Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Dahntay Jones take turns guarding Carmelo Anthony. It just didn’t work. ‘Melo (34 pts) wasn’t just handing out buckets — Jones was too short, Murphy too slow, Dunleavy too weak — he was laughing almost the entire time while doing it. There were stretches where the Nuggets got caught up playing Indiana’s game and taking too many jumpers, but ‘Melo would bring them back to earth by putting his head down and beasting somebody to score in the paint … Other stat lines from Friday: Kevin Garnett posted 22 points, 8 rebounds and 3 steals as Boston beat Philly; Kevin Durant dropped 32 on the Clippers in a win; Dwight Howard went for 11 points, 16 boards and 4 blocks while disposing of the Nets; Andrew Bogut put up 19 points, 10 boards and 5 blocks in Milwaukee’s win at Washington; Josh Smith had 29 points, 9 boards, 3 blocks and 3 steals to lead Atlanta past Golden State; and Darren Collison scored 32, but the Hornets lost at San Antonio behind Tony Parker‘s 20 points … We’re glad Jeff Van Gundy was willing to ask what no other announcer wants to bring up. Who has the worse bald spot: Manu Ginobili or Peja Stojakovic? Manu is the originator, but Peja has caught up to him quick since the All-Star break … We’re out like a full head of hair …

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