Scoring Celebrations: When The NBA & NFL Collide

The NFL season is finally upon us. We’ve had a couple of weeks to break in the new Madden and we’re all sitting atop the standings in fantasy football (unless, of course, you started Brandon Weeden). Not only did Week 1 bring some huge plays and great games, it also provided us with one of the worst touchdown celebrations of all time. San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis‘s botched dunk celebration was downright awful. But, regardless of the sometimes embarrassing outcomes, we’ve always loved the way NFLers and NBAers pay homage to each other during games. From (converted) crossbar dunks to Steve Novak flashing the Aaron Rodgers championship belt celebration, the intersport shout outs are awesome. In honor of Davis’s incredible rim check, we’ve compiled the best of when the NBA and the NFL collide.

What’s the best crossover (NFL players doing basketball things and vice versa) celebration you’ve ever seen?

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