Scottie Pippen Had $50,000 Worth Of Equipment Stolen From His Arkansas Farm

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Hall of Fame forward Scottie Pippen remains in the public spotlight by virtue of his appearances on ESPN as an analyst and, of course, he was a tremendous basketball player that greatly aided in the Chicago Bulls capturing six NBA championships over an eight-year period. However, Pippen is in the news this week for non-basketball reasons and Rachel Herzog of Arkansas Online brings word that he was the victim of a farm equipment theft totaling more than $50,000 in value.

Pippen famously starred at Central Arkansas and is one of the more prominent success stories of athletes from the state of Arkansas. In this case, though, the Ashley County sheriff’s office brings word that his farm, located in Hamburg, was robbed of two tractors near the end of March. As a result, Pippen and his family are actually offering a reward (of $2,500) for information in the case and he is clearly quite interested in who may have taken his property.

Normally, NBA players and farm equipment don’t flow together but, in Pippen’s case, that is the apparent reality. When he isn’t busy defending the honor of former teammate Michael Jordan on the air, Pippen has a wide variety of interests, and he would like to know who lifted his tractors in order to facilitate their safe return.