Scottie Pippen Went Off On Isiah Thomas For ‘Hating’ On Michael Jordan In A Jordan-LeBron Debate

04.06.18 1 year ago 6 Comments

ESPN on YouTube

Scottie Pippen is like Kevin Garnett: he has no time for anyone who claims LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan. But Pip has one major difference in his argument against Isiah Thomas claiming that LeBron is better than Jordan because Pippen thinks the former on-court rival is letting his personal differences get in the way of evaluating the two players’ legacies.

Last month, Thomas said on NBA TV that he’d pick LeBron over Jordan if forced to pick, examining their “total body of work” and choosing the Cavaliers superstar. The analysis seemed reasonable enough, unless you disagree with the conclusion. Pippen, however, clearly does.

Jordan’s former teammate was asked about those comments Friday during ESPN’s The Jump and Pippen accused Thomas of arguing in bad faith because he’s “hating” on Jordan. He began the segment, first and foremost, by basically disavowing everything Isiah Thomas has ever said or done.

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