Scottie Pippen Said LeBron Is ‘Probably Ahead Of’ Michael Jordan And Stephen A. Smith Lost It

12.14.17 1 year ago 4 Comments

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We’re to the point where we’ll be debating LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan for, probably, the rest of our lives. There’s already a case to be made for LeBron and it’s only going to get stronger as he continues to climb up all-time lists.

What we can be almost assured of is that James will not surpass Jordan, or even match him, in championships, which will forever be the trump card for many in the argument between the two. That said, as James eclipses Jordan in various statistical categories, the debate will only get hotter. As it turns out, you can count Jordan’s most famous teammate as one who already might be leaning towards LeBron.

It’s rare for a player from the 90s to dare say something noting anything in the current generation being better than theirs, and that is especially the case when it comes to Jordan. There’s a near universal respect for Jordan as the greatest ever from players of that era — even a hint of fear still, all these years later — but Scottie Pippen, Jordan’s sidekick for all six of his titles, isn’t afraid to take a step back and note that LeBron is firmly in the conversation. Even further, Pippen isn’t afraid to argue that LeBron might have surpassed His Airness.

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