Scottie Pippen Explained Why Michael Jordan Is The Reason He Doesn’t Have The ‘Clutch Gene’

05.24.17 10 months ago

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Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan made for one of the best (if not the best) duos in NBA history as they led the Bulls to six championships in the ’90s, but there was no debate over which player was the leader of those Chicago teams, not even among the two stars. Michael Jordan was the man, and Pippen knew it and accepted it.

Even today, Pippen doesn’t try to act as though he was something other than the Robin to Jordan’s Batman, he just happened to be the best Robin there may have ever been. So, on Wednesday during an appearance on The Jump with Rachel Nichols on ESPN, when the conversation turned to “the clutch gene” and wanting the final shot in a game, Pippen wasn’t afraid to admit that he never worried about the final shot so long as Michael was around and said he doesn’t possess the “clutch gene” because of MJ.

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