Having ‘Fun’ At Work Helps Serge Ibaka Stay Focused On Basketball

Once a part of the exciting young core in Oklahoma City, Serge Ibaka is now a 30-year-old in his 10th NBA season, fresh off a championship with the Toronto Raptors. He’s certainly had a fascinating basketball career, and one of the things he’s apparently learned is how to balance life and basketball.

Ibaka also understands that there is more to life than just hoops, but he told reporters that, even a decade into his career, he’s trying to find a healthy balance between life and work.

Murphy called it the best podium session of Ibaka’s career, and for good reason: he’s wildly funny, and also very aware that basketball is supposed to be fun. He certainly tries to make that happen.

Ibaka’s philosophy is on full display on his YouTube channel, which features his increasingly popular cooking show “How Hungry Are You?”, where he talks to guests (mostly his teammates) about life and basketball, and encourages them to eat things like bull penis pizza and cricket tea. The show now has two seasons and has an upcoming third season in the works with Bleacher Report.

Perhaps Ibaka’s web series also qualifies as work, but it looks like he’s having fun while doing it and as long as he’s doing that, he’s going to continue to enjoy success on the court or — at the very least — have a good time playing basketball.