Seth Curry Unsuccessfully Tried Jinxing Steph Into Missing Crucial Free Throws Late In Game 2

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The Curry family rivalry was one of the more fun and compelling storylines going into this Western Conference Finals series between the Blazers and Warriors. First, there was the issue of who their parents would cheer for, with Dell and Sonya finally flipping a coin and deciding to trade every other game.

For the brothers themselves, there’s little gray area, as all the years of sibling rivalry came to a head in Game 2 when Seth and Steph went at it to try and will their teams to victory. With Steph at the line and the game tied at 108 late in the fourth quarter, Seth naturally didn’t miss the opportunity to try and rattle his brother’s nerves.

Here’s what Seth had to say, via ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne:

As his older brother stepped to the line to take three critical free throws with 2:01 to go, Seth whispered to him after the first make, “That’s 70 in a row.”

Stephen broke his routine and looked over at his brother. He knew what his younger brother was up to.

“I was trying to get in his head and jinx him,” Seth said.

“He looked over at me and said, ‘OK, now it’s gonna be 72.’ And then he made them both.”

It’s tempting to say that the Blazers let this one slip away, but with Steph operating at his full powers in a way we’ve rarely seen since his unanimous MVP days, it’s tough to see what they could’ve done differently, especially with Portland coach Terry Stotts making some key adjustments early on that allowed his team to race out to a 17-point lead.

Seth and the Blazers now have two more shots at the champs back at home in Games 3 and 4 to try once again to figure out it. Otherwise, mom and pop’s loyalties won’t have to be divided for too much longer.

(Via ESPN)