Remember This Name: Connor Vanover

There’s a tired adage in NBA circles: “If you’re seven-feet tall and can walk and chew gum, you’ll find a place in the league.” That’s wild hyperbole, of course, but 7-1 15 year-old Connor Vanover need not worry. He not only moves surprisingly well for a player of his size and age, but has a silky smooth jumper, too.


It’s far, far too early to predict stardom for a player that’s yet to play high school basketball, but Vanover certainly has the raw tools to be a highly coveted prospect – his size is rare, his movement more so, and his jumper rarer still. Don’t be surprised if Vanover ranks among the top players of the 2018 class when it’s all said and done.

(Video via CityLeagueHoopsTV) (H/T Bleacher Report)

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